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From Marrakech

8 Days Desert Tour From Casablanca

Touring In Morocco customized tour itinerary for 8 days in Morocco from Casablanca. Join us on this trip to visit the most visited and the best attractions. 

On this tour, you will explore the red city of Marrakech. Here, you will visit the Square of Jamma El Fna, Koutoubia mosque, and the garden of Majorelle. The tour continues to the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou, a Berber fortress where many famous movies were shot, and also to the studio cinema, Ouarzazate. After that, the trip itinerary passes by the grand canyons of Dades and Todgha. 

Afterward, we will visit the Sahara desert of Merzouga, where you will do the camel ride and camping at Berber tents. But before, you will have full experience in the desert ” The highlight of our tours”, you will visit the nomads, the Gnaoua people and the lake of Srij where the camels go herding.

Furthermore, we will cross the high and the middle Atlas Mountains to the cultural city, Fes. There, we will visit one of the oldest universities in the world, and we will explore one of the tanneries where they make the leather stuff. Not to mention, we will visit the king’s palace and have a walk in the old medina’s souk.

The tour also includes a tour to one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco, Chefchaouen. It’s all colored with blue and it’s where many tourists easily get drugs. Eventually, the tour ends by visiting the capital city of Rabat. Here, we will visit Les Oudayas Kasbah and the Tour Hassan mosque. Afterward, we will drive to Casablanca to visit the mosque of Hasaan II, the second biggest Mosque in Africa and 7th in the world. 

8 Days Desert Tour From Casablanca

  • Duration : 8 Days
  • From : Marrakech
  • Departure : 08:00 AM
  • Time : Everyday
  • No forced shopping
  • Price: Depends the Number of Travelers
  • Fes tanneries
  • Mellah
  • The high and middle atlas mountains
  • Ifrane.
Whats included in this tour
  • Transport with professional driver
  • Air-conditioned car
  • Transportation Insurance
  • Experienced English guide
Whats not included in this tour
  • Travel insurance
  • Soft drinks
  • Tips
  • Personal Expenses
  1. Day 1 Casablanca to Marrakech

    On this day, we will explore the fourth largest city in Morocco, the red city of Marrakech, a Berber city whose name was Amur n Kush that means land of God. Here, there are many things that will amaze you, several things to do and visit.

    To start with, we will visit the square of Jemaa El Fna, where you will enjoy the entertainment of the locals. Some of them make Halka, a street performance where they narrate stories or tell jokes. Also, it’s where you meet thousands of tourists shopping for local stuff. Second, we will take you to visit the mosque of Koutoubia, the largest mosque in Marrakech. It’s a twin sister of the mosque Hassan Tower in Rabat and the Great Mosque of Seville in Spain. 

    Then, we will visit the beautiful garden of Jack Majorelle, a place that gets more than 850,000 visitors a year. Also, we will visit the museum of Yvan Saint Laurent, it’s not far from the garden.

    Last and not least, we will take you to explore the Bahia Palace, an old Ksar, or Fortress. The first day of the 8 days itinerary ends when taking you to your accommodation.

  2. Day 2 Marrakech to Dades Gorges

    We will start the day by picking you up from the accommodation. On the way, we will visit one of the argan oil cooperatives if you are interested in oil, especially for the women. Then, we will drive across the high atlas mountains on the pass of Tichka, the fastest route to the Sahara desert.

    The first interesting thing we will explore on this day is the Kasbah of Ait Benhaddou, a Berber fortress where many movies were shot. For instance, they shot the movie Lawrence of Arabia and the British-American Drama, the Gladiator. Also, it’s a place where the Touareg Berbers used to e-commerce before leaving for Europe.

    Not far from the Kasbah, we will visit the city of cinema, Ouarzazate. There, we will have a stop at the oscar studio, where they get the material to make movies in the Kasbah. After that, we will drive through the route of thousand Kasbahs to arrive at the rose valley. There, we can have a stop to enjoy a glass of tea or coffee and to visit one of the cooperative where they make rose flower products. 

    Before we check in the accommodation in Dades Gorges, we will make a stop to admire and take photos of the mountains shaped as the monkey toes. Then, we will visit the curves of Tissdrine, where Cadillac, the American car made a crazy advertisement.

  3. Day 3 Dades Gorges to Merzouga Sahara

    The third day of our 8 days tour itinerary in Morocco from Casablanca will be to the highlight of our Morocco tours, Merzouga. We will take the road further south to Tinghir. Here, we will take a different road to visit the Grand Canyons of Todgha, a place where many people come to relax at the river that is passing through the mountains as a spring. Thereafter, we will make a stop at an old system of irrigation, where there are many wells that water the oasis around. 

    In the afternoon, we will arrive at Merzouga, the Sahara desert. Here, we will take you on a camel ride adventure, they will be waiting parked once we arrive, you will leave your luggage in the car, ride the camels and cross the dunes of Erg Chebbi. On the top, you will stop to enjoy the dunes and to enjoy the sunset. Later, the camel man will take you to the Berber camp where you will spend the night experiencing the nomadic life. You will be amazed by the starts, the Milkyway at night. Not to mention, our team of Berbers will entertain you with Berber music played on drums, and also will tell you stories about the desert. 

  4. Day 4 Merzouga desert tour

    On this day, you will have full experience in Merzouga. We will take you to explore the best things to do here. To start with, in the morning, we will take you to visit the nomadic Berbers, we will see how they live their life. Afterwards, we will drive to visit one of the mines where they used to get Mascara and salt from, it’s at the small village of Mifis. After that, we will take you to the small town of Khamlia where the dark skin people live. Here, we will take you to one of the families of Gnaoua, they will entertain you playing music using drums and Krakebs “Castanest”. 

    Afterwards, we will take you to visit the market of the desert, Rissani. There, we will take you to visit the parking of the donkeys and the sheep. Also, we will take you to visit the mineral fossils museum. For lunch, we will take you to one of the restaurants where they serve Madfouna “The Berber pitta bread”. 

    In the afternoon, we will take you to visit the small oasis of Hassi Labied, where most of the locals have their agriculture. Then, we will take you to your accommodation at a local Berber hotel.

  5. Day 5 Merzouga to Fes

    On the fifth day of our Morocco 8 days itinerary from Casablanca, we will be driving through the high and the Middle Atlas Mountains. Before we will make a stop at Erfoud, we will visit the market so that you try the fruits of the date. Then, we will drive to arrive at the Valley of Ziz, where the source of dates is coming from, a stop will be made at a panoramic view. 

    Before we start driving in the mountains, we will make a quick stop at the dam of Errachidia, the biggest source of water where the whole province gets the water.

    The other stop we will make will be at the cedar forest. There, we will feed the monkeys of the Barbary Macaque, a unique animal that is still living in the Atlas. Afterward, we will drive to arrive at Ifrane, we will stop to take some pictures with the curved atlas lion statue. 

    Eventually, we will drive to Fes, and we will take you to a riad to spend the night. 

  6. Day 6 Fes city tour

    We will visit Fes on this day. Therefore, we will hire a local guide with our driver to take you to visit the best things to do there. 

    Firstly, we will take you to visit the King’s palace, a beautiful Ksar with 7 golden gates. Then, we will visit the Mellah, the Jewish quarter. Thereafter, we will take you to a panoramic view at top of Borj Nord, from there, you will have an overview of Fes El Bali. When we finish, we will drive to the ceramic cooperative if you are interested to take some, Fes is famous for that.

    We will start the walking tour in the old Medina also called Fes El Bali. We will enter from the blue gate “Bab Boujloud”, the main gate to the Medina. From here, you will visit the Al Karaouien university, the oldest existing in the world. Then, we will visit Al Bou Inania Madrassa, an old school with beautiful architecture.

    We will not only visit the Safarin spices square but also the Madrassa of it. It is also an old school where they teach children the holly Quran. We will end our Fes city tour by visiting one of the 7th tanneries in Fes called Chouara. Here, they make leather and they also sell it. After that, we will take your accommodation. 

  7. Day 7 Fes to Chefchaouen

    We will continue our 8 days tour in Morocco by visiting the blue city, Chefchaouen. This city is far about 3h driving from Fes, it’s in the rif mountains, between two big chances shaped like horns of a goat. Therefore, Chechaouen is coming from the Berber word Iskaouen which means horns. When we are there, we will visit the Kasbah Museum, the first building of Chaouen, we will enter to see many pictures of the city and to read some information about it.

    After that, we will have a walk in the medina to admire the blue-colored walls and to the square of Wtat Lhmam. There, many people come to relax at the restaurants to enjoy tea and the people playing music around. Eventually, we will have a walk to the river of Ras El Ma, where local women wash blankets and clothes. Then, we will hike the mountain to see the sunset before we take you to your accommodation. 

  8. Day 8 Chefchaouen to Casablanca

    This will be the last day of our 8 days tour from Casablanca. We will spend the day driving to visit the capital city, Rabat. Here, there are two main things we will visit. First, we will visit Les Oudayas Kasbah the first milestone of Rabat. Second, we will visit the mosque of Hassan Tower or Tour. The mosque intended to have the tallest minaret in the world.

    Afterwards, we will drive to the starting point Casablanca, we will take you to visit the mosque of Hassan II. This mosque is the biggest in Morocco with a minaret of 210 metres, and it’s one of the mosques that allows tourists to explore inside.